Why Our Cars Are So Shiny

If you need auto wax on your Santa Rosa area vehicle, we have just what you need at Splash Express. Auto wax helps protect your vehicle’s paint from rain, dirt, and grime, that’s why so many auto owners prefer a car wash that automatically adds auto wax to the car wash process.

Splash Express in Santa Rosa offers auto wax with its Ultimate Car Wash package. This wash uses an auto wax called “LustraFoam”, a carnauba based wax for your car, as well as brake dust repellent wax known as BDR. Our Ultimate Wash also includes “LustraShield”, which is a special polymer that applies to your paint that deflects rain, grime, and adds an extra shine to your paint. Not only do this car wash provide auto wax to protect your car, but our high tech car wash and drying equipment operates quickly, so you can get in and out in only three minutes!

The next time you need auto wax applied in Santa Rosa, come to Splash Express and take advantage of our Ultimate Car Wash package. You’ll be glad you tried Splash Express, the World’s Tallest Car Wash, right here in Santa Rosa!