Car Detail Santa Rosa & Cotati

If your vehicles require car detail in Santa Rosa, Splash Express has the car detail solution for you! Splash Express is the only Express car was in Santa Rosa, and our high tech equipment is safe for your car, leaving it clean, shiny, & dry.

Some car “buffs”, they prefer a full service car detail that scrubs the insides of the engine compartment clean, plus the hard to reach areas. Splash Express will offer that as well in the coming months. However, after your Santa Rosa car has been fully detailed, what should you do about the dirt and grime — not to mention bird poop — that covered your car the day or two after your expensive car detail? Well, Splash Express has a monthly package that will allow you to bring your vehicle in for a car wash every single day of the month!

Splash Express of Santa Rosa has a car detail package that is unbelievable! We have a built-in system that acts similarly to the CA FastPass system that allows you to go straight through the bridges around the Bay Area. Our car detail system uses a small, transparent sticker applied to your windshield, and for a small monthly fee, you can come through for a car wash every day during that month. Our high tech gate equipment knows what kind of car you have, what kind of wash you should get, and sends you in and out fast. You won’t even have to leave the comfort and safety of your vehicle while you are getting your car detailed at our amazing Santa Rosa car wash!

You’ll be glad you tried Splash Express, the World’s Tallest Car Wash, right here in Santa Rosa!